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Tokyo Zero is a shopping event.

Our website is very intuitive, so it is very easy to use.
Here you can find a wide variety of creations, for all types of people,
be it
male, female, bi-gender, non-binary and anything that suits you best.
Designers will be able to request entry to our event from the application.
Where they will be evaluated in a cautious way. We appreciate all kinds of art and creativity,
being able to go beyond the basic limits to the highest since it is original.
However, we would like to emphasize that the required style is:

° Streetwear
° Urban Style
° Cyberpunk
° Japanese Style

Use your creativity, be without limits. You can apply this to a style, an accessory or a scenery/set.

|How can I be updated on news from Tokyo Zero?

- Like and follow our Facebook page, stay on top of our Discord server, follow us on Flickr and Instagram.
So you can stay informed by any news related to our event.
You can subscribe to receive updates from our website on the home screen (
Home) on the right under "Subscribe".
You can find our other contacts on the Home page on the left of your screen under "Contact". You can find at the end
from the pages the icons that will take you to our social networks.

|I am a Designer, how can I participate?

Although we are an invite only event, we are always looking for new talent designers! so you can always fill our designer form, and if you are accepted, one of our managers will contact you!

|I am a Blogger, how can I join the bloggers team?

We are always looking for new talent bloggers! so you can always fill our blogger form on blogger aplication area, and if you are accepted, one of our managers will contact you!

|I need to contact someone on the Tokyo Zero team, who can I talk to?

You can send a message to the email:
Or contact our Resident
TokyoZeroEvents or Drawans Cloud  the Tokyo Zero manager by sending a
notecard with a title and description about your question.

Kind Regards,

Cloud Events Team

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